Before the land and building were taken over by Unstone Grange Trust, a survey was undertaken to assess the matter of access for all potential users. In such an old building, the results for anyone with limited mobility were not promising. Significant improvement would require major structural work, which the trust is not in a financial position to do, beyond the accessible toilet in the yard; see below.

In the house.

There is level access on the ground floor to the Dining room, Kitchen and South Lounge, but to reach the Main Lounge requires ascending steps. There is a single toilet in a small room on the ground floor, but the access is not suitable for wheelchairs, and might prove difficult for anyone with limited mobility. We have on occasion agreed to site a folding bed in the South Lounge to be used as a bedroom. If you would like to discuss this, or ask for further access information in the house, please email the office.

Outside facilities and Barn.

Access up the drive to the yard, barn and back door is all without steps, though some of the surfaces are quite rough. We have constructed an accessible toilet and shower in the yard. This has the usual facilities, but the support rail on one side of the toilet has been removed at present due to lack of strength. This and the other toilet in the yard form part of a barn booking, but access could generally be agreed for a booking of the house only. There is level access to the barn, and the door is 80cm in width. 


There is a sloping path, steep in places but without steps, leading from the back yard up through the vegetable garden to the camping field. There is at times overhanging vegetation. From the entrance to the orchards onwards, the path is unsurfaced, and tends to be soft and muddy in winter.